Mitochondria are semi-autonomous organelles coated by two layers of membranes in most leukaryotic cells. Energy synthesis in cells mainly happens in mitochondria. They are also crucial for maintaining cells' normal physiological function. As a leader in mitochondrial research, Creative Biogene has a large team of scientists and is equipped with a variety of high-end instruments to create a comprehensive mitochondrial research service platform. We aim to provide global customers with the best mitochondrial R & D services.


Services focusing on mitochondrial research

We are committed to providing professional services and products for mitochondrial related research

Our Services

Mitochondrial Genome

We are committed to developing new areas such as mitochondrial genome sequencing, gene mutation, comparative genomics and epigenetics, and provide highly customized services.

Mitochondrial Proteomics

We have rich experience in mitochondrial protein expression, identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of mitochondrial proteome, and we also provide customers with overall solutions, including professional data analysis.

Overall Outsourcing of Research

To meet the different needs of customers, we have built a customized service platform for mitochondria, including antibody customization and purification, metabonomics analysis, and multi-omics joint analysis.

Mitochondrial Isolation

We have prepared a highly customized service platform with different separation, extraction, purification and staining schemes for mitochondria from different species.

Mitochondrial Dynamics

Mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles, and we provide customized solutions for multiple physiological processes involved in mitochondrial activity.

Mitochondrial Bioenergetics

Mitochondria are involved in many regulatory processes in cells. We can monitor and analyze them to find the next research breakthrough for you.

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We have rich mitochondrial research experience and a professional team of experts to provide you with services at any time.

Our Products


We provide polyclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, and primary antibodies related to mitochondrial research.



We provide high-quality screening, ELISA, separation, and extraction, staining kits related to mitochondrial research.



We provide auxiliary reagents and recombinant protein products related to mitochondrial research.


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