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We only provide customers with high-quality, comprehensive, and effective mitochondrial research products.



We only provide customers with efficient, accurate, and customized mitochondrial research services.



We have formed a professional, dedicated, and experienced mitochondrial research team.


Why Choose Us

Creative Biogene has gradually developed into a comprehensive company since its establishment. With advanced technology and professional mitochondrial research experts, we have integrated our unique platform to fully meet your needs for all aspects of mitochondrial research.

Best mitochondrial service is our goal

We have experienced experts

Provide world class customer support

We have the modern technology platform


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  • Unique and rich experience

    Unique and rich experience

    Our team is led by experts with more than ten years of experience in mitochondrial research and participated in important research projects in many universities and research institutes. We welcome the opportunity to work with global researchers and partners.

  • Mature and integrated platform

    Mature and integrated platform

    We not only provide research services to customers around the world, we are more focused on building a comprehensive mitochondrial research platform. Through the integration of research resources around the world, we create a perfect and highly customized platform to provide customers with a complete set of solutions.

  • Advanced and sophisticated equipment

    Advanced and sophisticated equipment

    We have several world-class experimental analysis equipment ready to serve our customers, besides, we have also developed a unique technical system, only to provide the most professional service, which is our characteristic and advantage, and is also the reason why customers choose us.

  • Accurate and reliable data analysis

    Accurate and reliable data analysis

    Without accurate data analysis, the hard-won perfect experimental results may be destroyed. We are always committed to the accuracy and reliability of all data, detailed records of each analysis process, standardized experimental procedures, and a strict management system to ensure the accuracy of each data.

  • Professional and rigorous operation

    Professional and rigorous operation

    Our laboratory is certified by the international standard system. Every employee has undergone strict assessment and all-round training before taking up the post to ensure standardized operation. A senior scientist is assigned to each project as the general manager to monitor the progress of the project and communicate with customers promptly.

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