Mitochondrial Dynamics

Creative Biogene has developed a series of technical service platforms for mitochondrial dynamics monitoring and analysis. Our experienced professional team uses advanced technology to provide customers with the most comprehensive mitochondrial research services to help with the breakthrough in mitochondrial dynamics.

Mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles that undergo a coordinated cycle of fission and fusion to maintain their shape, distribution, and size. Mitochondrial dynamics refers to the result of fusion and fission events experienced by mitochondria in a single cell. The balance of mitochondrial fusion and fission dictates a spectrum of shapes from interconnected networks to fragmented individual units. This plasticity bestows the adaptive flexibility needed to adjust to changing cellular stresses and metabolic demands. Their instantaneous and rapid morphological adaptation is essential for many cell processes, such as cell cycle, cell immunity, apoptosis, and mitochondrial quality control. Mutations in core components and defects in mitochondrial dynamics are associated with many human diseases. For example, the dysfunction of mitochondrial dynamics has been identified as a possible disease mechanism in Parkinson's disease.

Figure 1. Interaction between mitochondrial life cycle and cell cycle. (Ferree A., et al., 2012)

According to the research requirements of global customers on mitochondrial dynamics, Creative Biogene has developed technical service platforms such as mitochondrial ion channel detection, mitochondrial structure/imaging detection, mitochondrial autophagy, mitochondrial MPTP detection, and so on.

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