Mitochondrial Gene Chip Joint Analysis

Creative Biogene uses the latest gene chip technology to quantify the type and number of transcripts present in mitochondria, so we provide a full range of analysis services. You can choose one or all of basic analysis, advanced analysis, and joint analysis.

Gene chip data is often high-dimensional, heterogeneous, and networked. The traditional analysis methods are not competent. Many researchers tend to use the default analysis settings, often do not get optimized conclusions. Based on more than ten years of practical experience in gene expression profile experimental research and data analysis, Creative Biogene has developed algorithms to analyze a massive amount of biological data. We worked with researchers to interpret the experimental data and provide technical guidance for further mitochondrial research.

Analysis Content

Creative Biogene provides a scheme for joint analysis of gene transcription level and methylation degree of corresponding gene interval sequences, hoping to identify the relationship between methylation spatial and temporal specificity and transcriptional regulation of gene expression. This analysis needs to combine the data of gene transcriptome and expression profile.

  • The proportion of methylated genes is calculated according to the upstream and downstream of genes, methylation of genes, exon methylation, intron methylation, and other different segment sequences.
  • The degree and proportion of methylation are also calculated for pseudogenes and non-expressed genes.
  • Combined with the gene expression level, we discuss the gene methylation, promoter methylation, non-methylation, and all cases classification, and calculate the proportion of their respective situations in the expression level range.
  • At the same time of sample comparison, the ratio of sample (tissue) specificity to gene methylation, promoter methylation, and non-methylation are calculated by using the concept of information entropy.
  • According to the 5 'end and 3' end of the gene, the methylated and unmethylated promoter/gene regions will be characterized respectively, and the relationship between methylation position specificity and intensity and expression profile intensity will be analyzed. 

Our Advantages

  • Rich experience in data analysis and excellent analysis team
  • Provide unique integrated services for mitochondrial gene chip data analysis
  • Help you to easily complete the joint analysis of mtDNA methylation and gene expression profile data
  • Reliable data and results

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.


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