Mitochondrial Functional Gene Synthesis

Creative Biogene provides high-throughput gene synthesis service to synthesize complex genes and genes of any length. Our services include sequence design and optimization, gene synthesis, gene cloning, product verification by sequencing and restriction endonuclease digestion, preparation of μg to mg level plasmids, etc.

The synthesis of functional genes refers to the use of biochemical methods to assemble synthetic oligonucleotides into functional genes, which is one of the means of gene acquisition. Compared with obtaining genes from existing organisms, gene synthesis does not need a template. Therefore, it is not limited by the source of genes. As a pioneer in the gene synthesis industry, Creative Biogene has an intelligent gene service platform to infiltrate intelligence into the service, online carrier design tools, one-click input gene sequence, one-button codon optimization, intelligent selection of the best time and cost of gene synthesis strategy, real-time quotation, and automatic discount. Creative Biogene's gene synthesis service uses sound production process management and professional gene synthesis technology, and the success rate and just-in-time delivery rate of gene synthesis services are as high as 99.95% and 99%, respectively. Creative Biogene's gene synthesis uses a silicon array production process to undertake high-throughput gene synthesis services. Creative Biogene also has unique gene synthesis technology, a professional gene service team, mature technical equipment, and occupies a leading position in the field of mitochondrial DNA synthesis.

Service flow

Service Items

  • High throughput gene synthesis

Microchip gene synthesis technology has made exciting new progress and is developing in the direction of high-throughput, high-fidelity, and automation. Creative Biogene has leading technology in this field. We can provide customers with fast and inexpensive high-throughput gene synthesis services, especially suitable for the synthesis of a large number of gene fragments and long genome sequences.

  • Long fragment gene synthesis

Creative Biogene can synthesize full-length mitochondrial gene fragments for you at a competitive price without any mutations or errors in the synthetic sequence, ensuring that the sequence is 100 % accurate. Creative Biogene has a unique cloning technology and a new long fragment assembly cloning platform support, which can accurately and effectively assemble multiple mtDNA fragments in one step.

  • Rapid gene synthesis

Creative Biogene provides you with a 5-day rapid gene synthesis service, saving your time and improving the efficiency of your experiments. Creative Biogene provides customers with all technical information and products, including COA documents, plasmid structure map, about 5 μg freeze-dried plasmid DNA, a sequence map, a tube of glycerol bacteria, or puncture bacteria containing recombinant plasmids.

  • Custom gene

Creative Biogene has a professional team of gene synthesis service experts and technical equipment, integrating advanced gene sequence design and optimization technology to synthesize any length of genes and various difficult genes for you.

  • Customized mitochondrial gene library

Gene library generally refers to the mixture of a large number of long-stranded mtDNA sequences (> 200 bp), these sequences can be related or unrelated. The commonly used related gene libraries are sequence variants or mutants, codon variants, amino acid sequence variants, gene regulation original combinatorial variants, and so on, the unrelated gene library can include any DNA sequence. Creative Biogene can assist customers to design and synthesize all kinds of gene libraries according to their requirements. These libraries can be cloned into vectors or linear double-stranded DNA.

  • Clone vector

By default, Our gene synthesis service can clone the gene into 6 kinds of high copy cloning plasmids such as pUC57,pUC57-Kan. Creative Biogene also provides 150 kinds of common commercial carriers for you to choose from free of charge. Customers can also choose to clone the synthetic gene to the VectorArk vector or self-use vector.

Our technological advantages

  • Unique synthesis technology: Creative Biogene Our unique gene synthesis technology can synthesize vast majority of genes, including DNA sequences with repetitive sequences and secondary structures (including those with mild and moderate repeats or hairpins). For extremely complex genes, please contact us for a solution.
  • Free expression system optimization: Creative Biogene's bioinformatics platform can optimize the target sequence according to your expression system to meet your special needs.
  • Free standard vector cloning: Creative Biogene synthetic genes are generally cloned into pMV (AmpR) or pKMV (KanR), and the sequencing results show that the sequences are 100% correct. If the gene cannot be cloned, we will deliver it in the form of PCR products for a partial fee.
  • Cloning Strategy of Special Vector: The cloning strategy designed by the Creative Biogene technical team ensures that we insert the gene into the specified location of the vector you are interested in.
  • Service Assurance and commitment: Creative Biogene solemnly undertakes no ownership of the nucleic acid/amino acid sequences or gene synthesis results provided by the customer, and undertakes to keep the results strictly confidential and will not disclose to third parties in any form. If the gene sequence is special and affects the synthesis, we will inform the customer in time and may extend the delivery time or cancel the order. For a canceled order, we do not take any payment from our customers.

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.

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