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Creative Biogene provides a comprehensive range of Biofluid Biochemistry testing services to assist researchers in mitochondria-related disease studies.

Mitochondria is a complex cellular organelle involved in key metabolic pathways such as fatty acid oxidation, amino acid metabolism, Krebs cycle and oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS).

The mitochondrial disease often results from defects in respiratory chain complexes as well as defects in numerous pathways that require mitochondrial function.

Biochemical energy metabolism within the mitochondrion Figure 1. Biochemical energy metabolism within the mitochondrion (Couser & Gucsavas-Calikoglu, 2017).

Issues with any of the enzymes, substrates, or metabolites involved in these physiological and biochemical processes in the mitochondria can result in mitochondrial dysfunction and lead to a variety of disease symptoms.

And given the vast array of clinical phenotypes, verifying whether a disease is caused by mitochondrial dysfunction is challenging. Therefore, biochemical assays targeting mitochondria are indispensable and powerful tools in the clinical and basic research of mitochondria-related diseases.

Creative Biogene works with you to validate and explore the pathogenesis of mitochondria-associated diseases and possible interventions, with professional biofluid biochemistry assay services to support your research.

Our Capabilities

Creative Biogene provides rapid mitochondria-related biofluid biochemistry testing services, allowing clients to accurately analyze the relationship between disease and mitochondria.

Biofluid Biochemistry Metabolic Panel
Carnitine Level
Lactate and Pyruvate Levels
Plasma Amino Acid Profile
Urine Organic Acid Profile

Our Advantages

  • Rich experience in mitochondrial biochemical assay analysis
  • Outstanding research team
  • Unique integrated service for mitochondrial research
  • Reliable data and results
  • Rapid turnaround and cost-effective

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  1. Couser, N., & Gucsavas-Calikoglu, M. (2017). Mitochondrial disorders. In Biomarkers in Inborn Errors of Metabolism (pp. 167–190). Elsevier.
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