Customization of Mitochondrial Small Molecule Antibody

Creative Biogene provides complete customized mitochondrial small molecular antibody research services for customers worldwide and develops personalized immunization screening and testing procedures based on the customer's final application requirements.

Creative Biogene has been devoted to antibody research for many years. We have perfect experimental conditions, sophisticated instruments, and equipment, experienced experimental personnel, to ensure that your experiment can be well completed. Relying on our protein platform and the ability to construct mature antibodies, Creative Biogene can provide customers with small molecule antigen and antibody preparation services in addition to common monoclonal and polyclonal antibody preparation services.

Small molecules belong to semi-antigens, which only have reactivity but do not have immunogenicity. Only when they are coupled with carriers (usually proteins and peptides) to form complete antigens can they have immunogenicity, and antibodies are produced only after entering the animal body. The basic principle of designing a hapten as a complete antigen is that the immune hapten can maintain and highlight the characteristic structure, especially the three-dimensional structure, in the binding antigen after the immune hapten is connected with the carrier.

Creative Biogene has a self-built compound synthesis platform and has rich experience in small molecule antigen coupling design and antibody preparation. The artificial modification of small molecule hapten is carried out by using a variety of technical means, the characteristic epitope of hapten retained while its immunogenicity is improved, improving the technology to prepare small molecule antigen-antibody.

General Strategy

Creative Biogene always provides you with customized services for mitochondrial research, and our one-stop research and analysis platform can meet all your research needs.

Technical characteristics

  • Rich experience in small molecule coupling and immunity to ensure a high success rate of the experiment.
  • Strict quality control system and standardized management system to ensure reliable results.
  • The coupling efficiency is high and the experiment is completed in a short period to save customer's valuable time.
  • Complete upstream and downstream services: provide services including antigen, antibody preparation, antibody modification, anti-idiotypic antibody development, and kit development to facilitate customer scientific research.
  • Service can be customized: prepare according to customer needs, tailor the experimental scheme for each customer.

Our Advantages

  • Rich experience in customization of mitochondrial small molecule antibodies
  • Outstanding research team
  • Unique integrated service for mitochondrial research
  • Reliable data and results
  • Rapid turnaround and cost-effective

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.

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