Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Determination

Creative Biogene uses the biochemical method to efficiently and accurately detect the activity changes of oxidative phosphorylated enzymes. Monitoring the number and activity of oxidative phosphorylation complexes is essential for characterizing diseases that show energy depletion.

Oxidative phosphorylation is a coupling reaction between ADP and inorganic phosphorus synthesized by ATP chain supply via respiration chain. Oxidative phosphorylation refers to the energy released by oxidation steps during decomposition processes, including sugars, lipids, and amino acids, which drives ATP synthesis process. Oxidative phosphorylation occurs in mitochondria in eukaryotic cells which participates in oxidative phosphorylation and phosphorylation in the form of complex forms which form respiratory chains or electron transport chains.

Figure 1. Oxidative phosphorylation pathway.

Creative Biogene uses biochemical methods to detect activity changes of oxidized phosphorylated substances efficiently and accurately. Currently detectable substances include Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ etc. We also provide oxidative phosphorylation detection services to meet your different research needs. Creative Biogene always provides you with customized services for mitochondrial research, and our one-stop research and analysis platform can meet all your research needs.

General Strategy

  • Na+K+ ATP enzyme

Na+K+ ATP enzyme is an important enzyme widely existing in the cell membrane of organisms, which plays an important role in maintaining the normal physiological function of cells. It can not only catalyze the hydrolysis of ATP to provide energy for the body, but also regulate cell osmotic pressure and maintain the membrane potential on both sides of the cell membrane.

Figure 2. Sodium-potassium pump and diffusion. (from BruceBlaus, 2014)

Na+K+ ATP enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of ATP to ATP and inorganic phosphorus, Creative Biogene provides the detection of inorganic phosphorus content to obtain Na+K+ ATP enzyme activity data.

  • Ca2+Mg2+ ATP enzyme

Ca2+Mg2+ ATP enzyme is an important enzyme that widely exists in the cell membrane of organisms, which can maintain the stable concentration of Ca2+ and Mg2+ in cells.

Ca2+Mg2+ ATP enzyme can catalyze the hydrolysis of ATP to ATP and inorganic phosphorus, Creative Biogene provides inorganic phosphorus content detection to obtain Ca2+Mg2+ ATP enzyme activity data.

Our Advantages

  • Rich experience in determination and analysis of mitochondrial oxidative phosphates
  • Outstanding research team
  • Unique integrated service for mitochondrial research
  • Reliable data and results
  • Rapid turnaround and cost-effective

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