Separation and Extraction of Mitochondria

The mitochondrial preparation scheme of animal tissue, cultured cells, and plant samples established by Creative Biogene has the characteristics of high yield, high purity, and complete structure, which can meet your needs for follow-up research on mitochondrial physiological function and omics analysis.

Mitochondrial extraction refers to the separation of complete and purified mitochondria from animal and plant cells or tissues. Creative Biogene has established a mitochondrial preparation scheme suitable for animal soft tissue (liver or brain tissue) and hard tissue (muscle) as well as cultured cells and plant-derived samples. The yield of mitochondria prepared by our scheme is high, and it can be used in the study of apoptosis, signal transduction, metabolism, and proteomics.

  • Tissue/Cell mitochondria Isolation and extraction

The tissue/cell mitochondria separation and preparation scheme established by Creative Biogene can quickly isolate the mitochondria of animal tissues or cultured cells, and the cytoplasmic proteins without mitochondria can be obtained at the same time, which can be used to study the release of cytochrome c and other mitochondrial proteins to the cytoplasm.

Advantages: suitable for different tissue samples, the purity of isolated mitochondria is high, and most of the isolated mitochondria contain intact intima and outer membrane and have the physiological function of mitochondria.

  • Plant mitochondria Isolation and extraction

Plant mitochondria are important plant organelles responsible for the production of ATP. Besides, many important characteristics of plants (such as male sterility) are also related to mitochondria and are important materials for matrilineal genetic research. Both biochemical and genetic studies of plant mitochondria require mitochondrial purification. The isolation and preparation scheme of plant mitochondria established by Creative Biogene can quickly isolate complete and purified mitochondria from plant roots, tubers, etiolated seedlings (hypocotyls, cotyledons, coleoptile), and photosynthetic leaves and cotyledons.

The preparation process quickly and greatly preserves the biological activity of mitochondria. The mitochondria obtained by the preparation of Creative Biogene can be used for the study of apoptosis, signal transduction, metabolism, and proteomics.

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