Mitochondrial ELISA Verification

Creative Biogene provides efficient and accurate integrated solutions for mitochondrial critical gene and protein verification, and a groundbreaking combination of biochips and data analysis platforms to help you easily and quickly identify important annotated genes and signal pathways.

Creative Biogene provides comprehensive ELISA verification services, an efficient and highly sensitive experimental technique to obtain accurate experimental results. Besides, Creative Biogene gene chip combined with an integrated bioinformatics analysis platform can efficiently and accurately analyze differentially expressed genes related to the occurrence and development of various mitochondrial diseases, screen out key genes, and provide professional guidance for further study of the molecular mechanism of various mitochondrial diseases and screening molecular markers. Our goal is to provide a unique service platform for mitochondrial expression research for customers around the world.

Service Items

  • Direct Method

Direct method: the antigen is directly fixed on the solid phase carrier and the enzyme-labeled primary antibody is added to determine the total amount of antigen. The specificity of this level of antibody is very important. The technical advantage of the direct ELISA method is that the operation procedure is short and the interaction can be avoided without the use of secondary antibodies.

  • Indirect Method

Indirect method: this method is similar to the direct method, except that the primary antibody has no enzyme labeling, so the enzyme-labeled secondary antibody is used to identify the primary antibody to determine the antigen quantity. The technical advantage of the indirect method is that the second antibody can enhance the signal, and there are a variety of options to do different determination and analysis. The primary antibody without enzyme labeling can retain its much immunoreactivity.

  • Sandwich Method

Double antibody sandwich method: the detected antigen is coated between two antibodies, one of which imposes the antigen on the solid phase carrier, that is, capturing the antibody. The other is to detect the antibody, which can be labeled with an enzyme to determine the amount of the antigen directly, or not labeled, and then through the enzyme-labeled secondary antibody to determine the amount of the antigen. The technical advantage of Creative Biogene lies in its high sensitivity and specificity, and the antigen does not need to be purified in advance.

  • Competition Method

Competition method: the antigen in the sample (free antigen) competes for the same antibody with the antigen purified and fixed on the solid phase carrier (fixed antigen). The more free antigens in the sample, the more antibodies you can bind to. The fixed antigen can only bind to fewer antibodies, and vice versa. After the cleaning step, the complexes of free antigens and antibodies are washed away, leaving only the complexes of fixed antigens and antibodies. Compared with the results of the control group with only fixed antigens, the antigen content in the sample can be calculated according to the color difference. The technical advantage of Creative Biogene lies in its applicability to relatively impure samples and the high reproducibility of data.

Our technological advantages

  • High sensitivity: due to the efficient biocatalysis of enzymes, an enzyme molecule can catalyze the reaction of hundreds of substrate molecules in a few minutes, resulting in magnification, so that very few antigens or antibodies can be recognized in a few minutes, reaching the level of ng or even pg.
  • A wide range of applications: the experimental techniques we provide can quantitatively detect macromolecular and small molecular antigens and antibodies. It is also widely used in immunodiagnosis of mitochondrial diseases, the examination of clinical samples, seroepidemiological investigation, and molecular biology experiments of basic scientific research.
  • The utility model has the advantages of simple operation and good repeatability.
  • The cost is low and the performance-to-price ratio is high.

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.

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