Mitochondrial Proteomics

Creative Biogene has developed a series of technical service platforms for mitochondrial proteomics monitoring and analysis. We rely on advanced technology and an experienced professional team to provide customers around the world with the most comprehensive mitochondrial research services to help make a breakthrough in the research direction of mitochondrial proteomics.

Proteomics is the analysis of all protein components expressed in a genome or a cell, tissue, or organ. Among them, the study of subcellular proteomics is particularly important, because it not only reduces the complexity of proteome but also can indicate the location and functional information of proteins, the most important of which is the study of mitochondrial proteomics.

Mitochondria are the regulatory centers of cell energy metabolism, biosynthesis, and cell death. All the proteins contained in mitochondria are called mitochondrial proteomes. The abnormal mitochondrial function will directly or directly cause many diseases. Mitochondrial proteomics is an important method to systematically study the functional changes of mitochondria in physiological and pathological processes and the mechanism of disease. The study of mitochondrial proteomics provides an important basis for analyzing the physiological function of mitochondria, exploring the pathogenesis of mitochondrial-related diseases, and promoting the research and development of mitochondria-targeted drugs.

Mitochondrial ProteomicsFigure 1. Mitochondrial proteome. (Tiziana A., et al., 2017)

Creative Biogene has developed technical service platforms such as mitochondrial proteome whole spectrum identification, mitochondrial quantitative and qualitative proteome analysis, mitochondrial targeted proteomics, mitochondrial protein expression, and mitochondrial proteomics bioinformatics analysis to fulfill customers' research needs.

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