MtDNA Microarray Expression Profiling

Creative Biogene provides you with mitochondrial gene expression profile chip technical services, you only need to provide well-preserved tissue or cell samples, Creative Biogene chip technical service personnel can complete all the experimental operations for you, and provide a complete experimental report. At the same time, Creative Biogene also provides data mining services according to your research needs.

The detection of mitochondrial gene expression profile is of great significance for disease research. On the one hand, it can be applied to the screening of disease biomarkers. On the other hand, it can provide clues for the study of gene function and help to reveal the molecular mechanism of the occurrence and development of the disease.

Mitochondrial gene expression microarray means that a large number of mtDNA fragments or oligonucleotides are fixed on hard carriers such as glass, silicon, plastic, and other hard carriers to make a gene chip. After the mRNA in the sample is extracted, cDNA is obtained by reverse transcription and labeled with fluorescence in the process. After hybridization with the mtDNA chip containing thousands of genes, the fragments that do not bind on the chip are washed out, and the glass slides are scanned by laser confocal scanning. The fluorescence intensity of each point on the chip is measured, and the expression level of various genes in the sample to be tested is calculated.

Creative Biogene provides you with genome-wide expression profile chip technical services. Provide us with well-preserved tissue or cell samples, then our scientists will complete the testings and record the procedures and results in expriment reports for you. Creative Biogene chip technical service personnel can complete all the experimental operations for you, and provide a complete experimental report. And according to your research needs, Creative Biogene also provides personalized in-depth data mining services.

Our technological advantages

  • Complete hardware system: equipped with all the instruments needed for chip testing, including hybrid furnace, scanner, sample quality control system, etc.
  • Experienced technicians: more than ten years of experience in expression chip experiments; professional bioinformatics analysis team, familiar with various analysis algorithms and software.
  • Higher service standards: strict quality standards, multiple experimental quality control, and complete experimental records are adopted to ensure a higher success rate, lower sample loss, and risk of experimental failure, and customers can participate in the whole chip experimental process. Accept customer supervision, more transparent and credible.
  • More personalized bioinformatics analysis service: fully interact with customers and provide more personalized analysis ideas and solutions.(Learn More)
  • Perfect follow-up verification support: continuously focus on mitochondrial research, providing related services to thousands of customers.
  • Excellent team: the core team has more than 10 years of working experience in the technical service field on average, and all have good professional ethics and customer service concept.

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.

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