Mitochondrial Targeted Sequencing

Creative Biogene uses PCR technology to customize mitochondrial targeted sequencing and achieve higher target capture accuracy and coverage and is committed to providing the best experimental results for customers around the world.

Mitochondrial targeted sequencing, also known as mitochondrial target region sequencing, is a technical means to capture and enrich the regions of the mitochondrial genome of interest by PCR or probe hybridization and achieve high-throughput sequencing. It can detect the genetic variation sites in the target genome region and obtain the variation information of the specified target region.

Compared with traditional generation sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, and whole exon sequencing, target region sequencing can obtain deeper coverage and higher data accuracy, and improve the detection efficiency of the target region. At the same time, it shortens the research cycle, reduces the cost of sequencing, and is suitable for the study of a large number of samples, which is helpful to find and verify disease-related candidate genes or related sites.

Figure 1. Screening mutant genes. ( Stessman H.,et al., 2017)

Because of the imperfect enrichment of the target area by the traditional experimental technology, Creative Biogene adopts the amplification method based on PCR technology to customize the sequence of interest for you, resulting in higher accuracy and coverage of target capture, thus providing you with better experimental results.

Analytical content

Standard data analysis

  • Data output statistics: image recognition for sequencing results remove contaminated joints and low-quality sequences statistical reads length and quantity and data yield
  • Target capture statistics
  • SNV/InDels authentication and Visual Interface display

Advanced data analysis

  • Annotations for SNV/InDels
  • Prediction Analysis of amino Acid substitution
  • SNV/InDels Analysis of Gene level
  • Annotation of SNV/InDels related genes by GO and KEGG functions
  • Conservative Analysis of protein Domain

Work Flow

Creative Biogene always provides you with customized services for mitochondrial research, and our one-stop research and analysis platform can meet all your research needs.

Technical characteristics

  • The high degree of information: Search for genetic variation sites in interesting genomic regions and conduct an in-depth study on specific regions. Compared with the target region or candidate gene haplotype tag SNP typing strategy, target region sequencing can completely cover the whole gene region, not only the typing data of high-frequency SNP can be obtained, but also low-frequency and individual-specific variations can be found.
  • High throughput: Compared with the PCR method, the sequencing throughput is greatly improved, which is more suitable for the study of a large sample size.
  • High efficiency: Compared with the candidate gene sequencing method using the Sanger method, the target region sequencing based on the second-generation sequencing technology is faster and more efficient, the research goal is more clear, the efficiency of detection and later information analysis is improved, and the data analysis and interpretation is more simple.
  • Low cost: In the second generation sequencing method, the average cost of each detection site is much lower than that of the traditional method.
  • High flexibility: Hundreds or even thousands of samples can be sequenced according to the chromosome regions of interest or a large number of candidate mitochondrial gene regions.
  • Have strong pertinence: More targeted, Creative Biogene can directly find genetic mutations related to protein functional variation and rely on a large number of previous research results to obtain candidate mitochondrial gene regions or a large number of candidate mitochondrial genes based on biological pathways.
  • High data reliability: Because the sequencing area is small, the accuracy of mutation detection can be ensured by higher depth sequencing.

Our Advantages

  • Rich experience in mitochondrial targeted sequencing
  • Outstanding research team
  • Unique integrated service for mitochondrial research
  • Reliable data and results
  • Rapid turnaround and cost-effective

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.


  1. Stessman H., et al. “ Targeted sequencing identifies 91 neurodevelopmental-disorder risk genes with autism and developmental-disability biases.” Nature Genetics, 2017, 49: 515–526.
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