Bioinformatics Analysis of Mitochondrial Proteomics

Creative Biogene relies on professional teams and years of service experience to find biological changes and the sources and mechanisms that cause these changes from complex experimental data to provide you with mitochondrial proteomics bioinformatics services.

With the popularization of the mass spectrometer and the improvement of technology, proteomics has moved from the traditional two-dimensional electrophoresis to the era of big data based on mass spectrometry. Bioinformatics is a rising cross-discipline, which comprehensively uses the tools and methods of biology, medicine, pharmacy, statistics, computer science, and other disciplines to mine and explain the biological significance of biological data. Creative Biogene's bioinformatics analysts specialize in mitochondrial proteomics data knowledge mining and quickly discover a large number of protein-protein interaction data.

Relying on the team and years of service experience, Creative Biogene looks for biological changes and the source and mechanism of these changes from complex experimental data and establishes a bioinformatics analysis platform for proteome data. We can provide a complete set of bioinformatics solutions, including quality analysis of combinatorial data, differential expression analysis of combinatorial data, differentially expressed protein GO, KEGG, COG annotation analysis, protein clustering analysis, interaction network, and other multi-level network and pathway analysis. At the same time, we can provide customized bioinformatics analysis services according to customer requirements and references, discover biological knowledge from high-throughput experimental data, and help customers with design, analysis, and marker discovery.

Quality evaluation of proteomic data

Proteomics mass spectrometry data is the foundation of proteomics analysis, and the quality of mass spectrometry is closely related to the accuracy of retrieval and analysis results. Therefore, it is particularly important to evaluate the quality of proteomics data. To ensure the reliability of bioinformatics analysis, Creative Biogene evaluates the quality of the identified proteome data from four aspects: peptide matching error distribution, peptide quantity distribution, peptide length distribution, and protein molecular weight distribution.

Creative Biogene always provides you with customized services for mitochondrial research, and our one-stop research and analysis platform can meet all your research needs.

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