Mitochondrial SSR & ISSR Technical Services

With its rich experience in mitochondrial research, Creative Biogene has built a perfect and advanced technology platform by a team of senior experts to provide SSR & ISSR technical services to customers around the world.

Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) marker, also known as microsatellite DNA, is a molecular marker technique based on specific primer PCR developed in recent years. It widely exists in eukaryotes and some prokaryotes genomes, randomly distributed in nuclear DNA, chloroplast DNA and mitochondrial DNA, composed of 2-6 nucleotides tandem repeat fragments. SSR molecular marker technology has been widely used in the study of mitochondrial genetic diversity, genetic linkage map construction, mtDNA fingerprinting and variety identification and genome association analysis because of its high polymorphism, good repeatability, relatively simple operation, low cost and so on.

Inter-simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) is a new molecular marker technique derived from the SSR. Its basic principle is to add 2-4 random nucleotides to the 3'or 5 'end of SSR sequence, amplify a sequence with the reverse arrangement of SSR on both sides by PCR, and then use electrophoresis technology to analyze its polymorphism according to the presence or absence of bands and their relative position.

Creative Biogene provides SSR and ISSR technical services for the study of mitochondrial genetic diversity. Provide customers around the world with the following optional research solutions (including but not limited to), which can be freely combined according to the content of the project. Besides, our experts are always ready to provide you with customized personalized services.

Service Content

  • Extraction and purification of mitochondrial DNA
  • SSR/ ISSR polymorphism detection
  • Design and synthesis of fluorescent polymorphism primers
  • Development of new molecular markers
  • Other customized personalized services

Service Flow

After the end of the experiment, our customers can get the original datasheet, original picture, primer sequence, professional analysis results, and complete experimental report as soon as possible, and there will be a special person to do after-sales service in the follow-up. If you have any questions about the experimental results, you can contact our staff at any time.

Our technological advantages

  • It can be used to develop markers for species with unknown genomes.
  • The screening rate of the library is significantly higher than that of traditional methods.
  • High data output and high quality.
  • Committed to the development of new molecular markers.
  • More professional analysis system, more personalized analysis service.

Creative Biogene also provides other professional technical services for polymorphism research to customers around the world, including, but not limited to, RFLP, AFLP, RAPD, MSAP, SSCP, SNP technology. If you are interested in or have questions about any of these projects, you can contact us. Our staff will provide you with 24-hour considerate service.

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