Mitochondrial SSCP Technical Services

With its rich experience in mitochondrial research, Creative Biogene has built a perfect and advanced technology platform by a team of senior experts to provide SSCP Technical Services to customers around the world.

Single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) is a rapid, sensitive, and effective method to detect gene point mutation based on the conformational difference of single-stranded DNA, which can distinguish the conformational changes caused by the change of less than one base. The basic principle of the technique is that the DNA fragments amplified by PCR are denatured into single-stranded DNA to form different conformations when electrophoretic in neutral polyacrylamide gel and its conformation directly affect the electrophoretic mobility. The nucleotide sequence of DNA single strand of the same length has only a single base difference, which can produce different three-dimensional conformation, resulting in different electrophoretic mobility and different electrophoresis bands.

Creative Biogene provides SSCP technical services for the study of mitochondrial genetic diversity. Customers can choose from the the following tests (not limited to) accordingly. And our experts can also provide customized services depending on the specific requirements.

Service Content

  • Extraction and purification of mtDNA
  • Provide a radioisotope PCR-SSCP method
  • Provide isotope or fluorescein labeling
  • Provide silver staining or ethidium bromide staining
  • Provide non-radioactive silver staining PCR-SSCP method
  • PCR-SSCP amplification and electrophoresis
  • SSCP result analysis (can do personalized service)

Service Flow

After the end of the experiment, our customers can get the original datasheet, original picture, primer sequence, professional analysis results, and complete experimental report as soon as possible, and there will be a special person to do after-sales service in the follow-up. If you have any questions about the experimental results, you can contact our staff at any time.

Our technological advantages

  • The amplification has strong specificity and can be used for large sample detection and screening.
  • The system and platform are mature and perfect.
  • High sensitivity and accuracy of detection.
  • It can well detect the point mutation of human mitochondria.
  • It provides a useful screening tool for new mtDNA mutations.

Creative Biogene also provides other professional technical services for polymorphism research to customers around the world, including, but not limited to, RFLP, AFLP, RAPD, MSAP, SSR & ISSR, SNP technology. If you are interested in or have questions about any of these projects, you can contact us. Our staff will provide you with 24-hour considerate service.

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