Total ATP Level Determination

Creative Biogene uses Seahorse XF real-time ATP rate measurement platform to efficiently and accurately detect mitochondrial aerobic respiration oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and glycolysis extracellular acidification rate (ECAR), and then convert into mitochondrial respiration ATP, glycolysis ATP, and total ATP production rate.

Measuring the total ATP level of cells can provide important information about cell proliferation, differentiation, activation, and apoptosis. Creative Biogene introduces the Seahorse XF real-time ATP rate determination platform, which can simultaneously measure the ATP production rates of two key energy metabolic pathways (glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration) in living cells using label-free technology.

Determination of Total ATP Level

This method allows the oxygen consumption rate of aerobic respiration (OCR) and the extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) of glycolysis to be detected. The validated calculation is used to convert it into mitochondrial respiratory ATP, glycolysis ATP, and total ATP production rate.

The key results of Seahorse XF real-time ATP rate measurement

  • Clarify the quantitative metabolic transition from mitochondrial respiration to glycolysis and get different phenotypes under different conditions.
  • Show the changes in the production rate of mitochondrial respiratory ATP and glycolysis ATP in a cell population over a period of time.

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