Mitochondrial NADH/NADPH Determination

Creative Biogene provides services to detect NADH or NADPH absorption wavelength change at 340nm. We also provide the fluorometric method for the rapid and sensitive detection of NADP, NADPH, and their ratio.

NADH and NADPH are two important cofactors found in cells. NADH adds phosphate groups to the 2 'position of adenosine monophosphate through ester bonds to form NADPH. NAD or NADP acts as a cofactor in the redox reaction and transfers electrons in the cellular reaction. The balance between the oxidized form and the reduced form is the NAD/NADH (NADH/NADPH) ratio. This ratio is an important component indicating the redox state of cells, and it is a measure of metabolic activity and cell health. NADPH is the main form of this coenzyme.

General Strategy

  • Determination of NADH content

Figure 1. Redox reaction of NADH. (from Tim Vickers)

NADH is mainly produced by the TCA cycle of glycolysis and respiration. It is an essential enzyme in the process of respiration and can be used to monitor the function of mitochondria. Creative Biogene assayed the NADH content by calculating the absorbance of NADH at 340 nm.

  • Determination of NADPH content

Figure 2. Ball-and-stick models of NADP+ and NADPH. (from Benjah)

NADPH is mainly produced by the photoreaction stage of photosynthesis and is usually used as an electron donor in organisms and is a coenzyme of many oxidoreductases. Creative Biogene offers the detection of NADPH contents using spectrophotometry.

Besides, Creative Biogene also provides fluorimetry to quickly and sensitively detect NADP, NADPH, and their ratio. The enzyme in the system can specifically recognize the NADP/NADPH, in each enzymatic cycle reaction without the need to purify the NADP/NADPH in the mixed sample, and the enzymatic cycle reaction significantly improves the detection sensitivity. Besides, the detection method has a very low background, which significantly reduces the interference from the biological sample itself. Creative Biogene always provides you with customized services for mitochondrial research, and our one-stop research and analysis platform can meet all your research needs.

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