Urine Organic Acid Profile

Creative Biogene provides a comprehensive range of Biofluid Biochemistry testing services to assist researchers in mitochondria-related disease studies.

The urine organic acid test is one of the primary means of assessing mitochondrial function by measuring metabolites from digestion, assimilation, metabolism and ATP production to assess the normalcy of metabolic pathways. When one or more pathways are not functioning properly, organic acids will "overflow" into the urine.

Various organic acids are involved in different metabolic reactions:

  • Fatty Acid Metabolism:
  • Adipic Acid (Adipate), Suberic Acid (Suberate), Sebacic Acid (Suberate), Ethylmalonic Acid (Ethylmalonate), Methylsuccinic Acid (Methylsuccinate), Ketone bodies (Acetoacetic Acid and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate), γ-Hydroxybutyric Acid and L-carnitine

  • Carbohydrate metabolism (Glycolytic Cycle Metabolites)
  • Pyruvate, Lactate, and β-Hydroxybutyrate

  • Mitochondrial Markers (Krebs Cycle Metabolites)
  • Succinic Acid (Succinate), α-Ketoglutaric Acid, Citric Acid (Citrate), Aconitic Acid (Aconitate), Fumaric Acid (Fumarate), Malic Acid (Malate)

  • CoQ10
  • Lactate, Succinate, Fumarate, and Malate

Mitochondria at the crossroad of metabolic networks and signaling cascades Figure 1. Mitochondria at the crossroad of metabolic networks and signaling cascades (Cannino et al., 2018).

Creative Biogene provides accurate urine organic acid testing services to precisely evaluate the metabolism changes induced by mitochondria dysfunction.

Technical Characteristics

  • We provide accurate urine organic acid determining methods through fully automated biochemical analysis and LC/MS.
  • Easy-to-use assay kits are also available.
  • Only a small quantity of samples is required.
  • Creative Biogene will provide a full report of the experimental procedure, experimental data and analysis results.

Creative Biogene works with you to validate and explore the pathogenesis of mitochondria-associated diseases and possible interventions, with professional Biofluid Biochemistry assay services to support your research.

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Creative Biogene provides rapid Biofluid Biochemistry testing services, allowing clients to accurately analyze the relationship between disease and mitochondria.

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  1. Cannino, G., Ciscato, F., Masgras, I., Sánchez-Martín, C., & Rasola, A. (2018). Metabolic Plasticity of Tumor Cell Mitochondria. Frontiers in Oncology, 8, 333.
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