Creative Biogene provides a comprehensive range of services and products to assist researchers in diabetes-related mitochondria studies.

Diabetic symptoms caused by or involving mitochondrial dysfunction are generally associated with various complications, especially neurological ones, such as MELAS, KSS and LHON.

Other clinical features accompanying diabetes are primarily dependent on mtDNA or nuclear DNA mutations. This association has been valued in families with massive mtDNA rearrangements (replications) or m.3243A>G mtDNA point mutations. Subsequently, maternally inherited diabetes and deafness (MIDD) was recognized as a distinct subtype of diabetes associated with the m.3243A>G mutation.

DiabetesFigure 1. Relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and diabetes.

Mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to islet beta cell dysfunction and insulin resistance in other parts of the body. Therefore, mitochondria are of special concern in both type I and type II diabetes.

Creative Biogene works with you to validate and explore the pathogenesis of mitochondria-associated diabetes and possible interventions, with professional services and products to support your research.

Specific Diabetes

Creative Biogene offers comprehensive testing services for the evaluation of various diabetes.

You could benefit from our established models of diabetes. We offer comprehensive mitochondria-focused testings and services with the advantage of our animal-based models.

Type I Diabetes

Type I Diabetes

Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes

Maternally Inherited Diabetes and Deafness (MIDD)

Maternally Inherited Diabetes and Deafness (MIDD)

Our Capabilities

In vivo/in vitro assessment of mitochondrial function can be a useful tool for mechanistic studies of diabetes, as well as for the evaluation of (novel) therapeutic interventions.

Creative Biogene provides rapid mitochondrial function testing services, allowing clients to accurately analyze the relationship between disease and mitochondria.

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