Mitochondrial Antibody/Protein Labeling

Creative Biogene provides high-quality binding services between mitochondrial antibodies/proteins and fluorescent dyes, RPE, APC, cl-APC, FITC, streptavidin, biotin (LAB\ BAB\ ABC), HRP, and colloidal gold, and can be optimized according to the unique properties of each antibody/protein.

Creative Biogene provides high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective mitochondrial antibody/protein labeling services. By covalently linking markers (enzymes, fluorescein, biotin, etc.) to antibodies, specific reactions with substances can be detected (such as some specific antigens) to form multi-component complexes. The test results can be observed directly or automatically by using precision instruments such as fluorescence microscope, X-ray measuring instrument, enzyme label detector, electron microscope, and luminescence immunoassay instrument.

Mitochondrial Antibody/Protein Labeling

Finally, antigenic and antibody reactions can be qualitatively localized at the cellular, subcellular, ultrastructural, and molecular levels, or semi-antigens and antigens in body fluids can be qualitatively and quantitatively determined by various liquid and solid phase immunoassay methods.

General Strategy

Enzyme labeling of antibodies

Through the covalent bond, the enzyme is linked to the antibody by the appropriate method to make the enzyme-labeled. Through the specific catalytic effect of the enzyme on the substrate, colored insoluble products or particles with a certain electron density are produced. These colored products can be observed by the naked eye, optical microscope, electron microscope, or determined by spectrophotometer. The color reaction shows the existence of the enzyme, which proves that the corresponding immune reaction has taken place.

  • HRP

Mitochondrial Antibody/Protein Labeling

  • AKP

Biotin labeling of antibodies

Both avidin and biotin can bind to proteins (including antigens, antibodies, enzymes, etc.) and fluorescein without affecting the biological activity of the latter, so they are ideal markers. An antibody molecule can couple dozens of biotin or avidin molecules, and avidin or biotin molecules can combine with enzymes or fluorescein to form a biological magnification system, which can significantly improve the sensitivity of detection.

Mitochondrial Antibody/Protein Labeling

Fluorescence labeling of antibodies

  • FITC

FITC has a high quantum yield, and the stability of the formed conjugate is very good. The chemical group on FITC binds to the free amino group of the antibody protein to form a fluorescent antibody. We use FITC to determine the corresponding antigen's presence in the cell.

Mitochondrial Antibody/Protein Labeling

Immune colloidal gold labeled antibody and detection antigen

Creative Biogene uses colloidal gold as a tracer marker for immunolabeling of antigens/antibodies. Colloidal gold is an effective marker in both light and electron microscopy and can be used to detect single and multiple antigens.

Mitochondrial Antibody/Protein Labeling

Creative Biogene always provides you with customized services for mitochondrial research, and our one-stop research and analysis platform can meet all your research needs.

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  • Rich experience in mitochondrial antibody/protein labeling
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