Mitochondrial Realtime PCR Verification

Creative Biogene provides efficient and accurate integrated solutions for mitochondrial critical gene and protein verification, and a groundbreaking combination of biochips and data analysis platforms to help you easily and quickly identify important annotated genes and signal pathways.

Creative Biogene gene chip combined with an integrated bioinformatics analysis platform can efficiently and accurately analyze the differentially expressed genes related to the occurrence and development of various mitochondrial diseases and can screen out key genes to provide professional guidance for further research on the molecular mechanism of various mitochondrial diseases and the screening of molecular markers. Besides, Creative Biogene also provides a comprehensive combination of real-time PCR (qPCR) verification solutions, and we have more than 10,000 predesigned primers and probes that have been verified by experiments and nucleic acid analyzers for PCR products. Creative Biogene' validated primers and the optimized experimental system can speed up the experimental cycle and provide highly specific and high-quality testing services for all your real-time PCR verification and applications. We aim to provide global customers with a unique integrated mitochondrial expression research service platform.

Realtime PCR Verification

Service Items

We can provide support for two commonly used qPCR product detection methods: the TaqMan probe method and the SYBR® Green staining chemical method. We can provide the following services using RealTime PCR.

  • Verification of key gene expression level

More than 40, 000 pairs of specific primers were designed by Creative Biogene, and the primer specificity and amplification efficiency were verified. Creative Biogene uses these pre-designed primers and validated experimental procedures to provide customers with high-quality experimental data and a faster experimental cycle. You only need to collect your samples according to the sample collection standards, and we can assist you to complete the entire PCR verification experiment, providing you with differences in key gene expression levels.

  • MtDNA level analysis

Creative Biogene can provide gene copy number change detection, genotyping based on the Taqman probe, mitochondrial DNA mutation detection based on Cast PCR, or Realtime PCR. Pre-designed and verified primers or probes can be used to detect somatic mutation sites related to mitochondrial diseases.

  • Cast PCR

While amplifying the target mutation, it uses inhibitors to silence the amplification of wild-type alleles in the sample. Coupled with TaqMan probes and primers, high sensitivity and specificity are guaranteed. Therefore, Cast PCR can be used to screen very few mutated genes from mtDNA samples of tumor cells.

Our technological advantages

  • The experimental results are more accurate: the molecular biology laboratory of the GMP/GLP standard avoids the possible pollution more effectively, and the repeatability of the experiment is good.
  • The experimental period is short: more than 10, 000 preset PCR primers, a large number of primers have been verified by experiments and there are standard SOP primers to ensure our experimental speed, and the experimental results can be delivered to you quickly by our company.
  • The experimental results are stable: the company introduced the Lean-Six Sigma management method, under the personal guidance of the project manager with rich management and practical experience, strictly implemented the ISO quality control standard system, carefully implemented the standard operation code step by step, monitored every step of the experiment, and constantly optimized the production and service process. Ensure fast, accurate, high-quality, and stable service to every customer with high-quality, reliable, and true experimental reports.
  • The results are reliable:: the standard 20 ul reaction system makes your experimental results more reliable.
  • Good specificity: we combined the traditional primer specific judgment method to optimize the screening criteria to avoid the gel electrophoresis resolution can not distinguish the PCR products with similar band size (especially the PCR products are not very large).

Creative Biogene has the most professional team to serve customers around the world. If you have any questions about the content of this service, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your contact.

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