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Destruxin B

Full Name
Destruxin B (RE1046)
Destruxin B is a cyclic hexadepsipeptide metabolite from the fungus Metarhizium an isolate, it shows insecticidal and anti-cancer properties.
Research Area Other/Reagents
Catalog Number RE1046
Alternate Name 16-butan-2-yl-10,11,14-trimethyl-3-(2-methylpropyl)-13-propan-2-yl-4-oxa-1,8,11,14,17-pentazabicyclo[17.3.0]docosane-2,5,9,12,15,18-hexone; SB 242536; NSC 236580
Molecular Weight 593.80
Molecular Formula C₃₀H₅₁N₅O₇
Appearance Solid
InChi InChI=1S/C30H51N5O7/c1-10-19(6)24-29(40)34(9)25(18(4)5)30(41)33(8)20(7)26(37)31-14-13-23(36)42-22(16-17(2)3)28(39)35-15-11-12-21(35)27(38)32-24/h17-22,24-25H,10-16H2,1-9H3,(H,31,37)(H,32,38)
Purity ≥96%
Solubility 10 mg/ml in DMSO
Handling Do not take internally. Wear gloves and mask when handling the product! Avoid contact by all modes of exposure.
Storage Instruction Store at -20ºC
Usage Statement Our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for other purposes, including but are not limited to in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use Or Individual Users.

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